Tournament Rules

2018 Tournament Rules & Guidelines


All teams will play 3 to 4 pre-scheduled games. Teams will be awarded points as described below. However, since many teams do not play the same opponents and divisions are not seeded (i.e., priority was given to providing non- league opponents and competitive matches), the Tournament will not officially designate Champions.


The Tri-Valley Classic is sanctioned by the National Federation of High School Associations and is officiated according to the 2011-2012 NFHS Soccer Rules Book. The following are specific points of emphasis and/or tournament-specific interpretations.


Teams will locate on the same side of each field. Except for incoming substitute players, teams are restricted from entering the official area extending 10 yds from the halfway line, which may be unmarked on some fields.

Rule 2: BALLS

The home team shall provide 3 game balls. If the home team cannot provide 3 balls, the referee will choose game balls from those provided by both teams.


Each team shall submit a team game roster to the officials prior to the start of the game.


Home team is listed first on the schedule and will wear DARK jerseys. Teams listed second will be the visitors and will wear LIGHT jerseys. In case of uniform color conflict, the home team shall change to an alternate colored jersey.

All players are required to wear shin guards conforming to NFHS rules.

Tournament rules permit players to wear insulating gear, such as: underarmor, soft caps, and/or gloves; it is specifically NOT a requirement that this gear be similar color or style for all team members. However, such gear must be worn under the player’s uniform, and must conform, in all other respects, to NFHS rules from a safety viewpoint.


Every effort will be made to staff each game with a three-referee system. However, if it becomes necessary a two- referee system will be used.


All matches will consist of two halves of 40 minutes with a 10 minute rest period between halves. All games will be played with a running clock; there will be no added stoppage time.

One or both halves may be shortened, if it is deemed necessary by the center referee in order finish the match on schedule.

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director and/or referees will determine whether or not the game is to be played. Once the game has begun, the decision to continue to play rests solely with the center referee.

If a match is terminated prior to completion of the first half, the game is not considered official. It will be scored, for tournament purposes, as a 0-0 draw. A match terminated after the first half of play is considered official and the score at the stoppage of play shall be considered the final score.


Any coach who is disqualified must leave the playing area, remain outside of the field fencing, and may not communicate with the bench or players.

If, in the opinion of the game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench or spectators, the offending team will forfeit that game and subsequent participation is at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Additionally, the home league and state association will be contacted as appropriate.


All interpretations of the rules and other decisions made by the referees, Tournament Director, and the Tournament Committee will be final.


NO alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or pets are allowed at any of the tournament sites.